Mojis Worldwide: From NFT to Global Brand, this is How Mojis is Changing the World of Business, Fine Art, and Fashion

January 26 03:45 2023
NFT fashion brand, Mojis, is working to change multiple industries by introducing blockchain technology into the business, fine art, and fashion worlds—all in one place.

Mojis is a new NFT (non-fungible token) fashion brand quickly gaining popularity among young adult consumers. With a business model centered on creating physical and digital assets inspired by the exclusive Mojis NFT characters and monetizing those assets to raise further funds for development. 

“With all the difficulties humanity has faced in the last few years, I created this brand to ultimately bring joy and happiness back into people’s lives,” said Founder and CEO Ciprian “Mr. Moji” Popescu. “One of the main missions of Mojis is to put a smile back into today’s fashion and style and to create high-quality clothing and physical fine art sculptures and paintings that are unique and tailored around the thousands of hand-drawn Mojis NFT characters.”

Style with a Smile

Having successfully partnered with more than 15 companies, five professional athletes, and numerous celebrities, Mojis is focused on expanding and furthering blockchain technology while offering “style with a smile.” With an entire apparel line and digital NFTs already generating money, the brand’s unique style combines elements of its hand-drawn pop-art characters with streetwear, resulting in a fashionable, edgy look. In addition to trendy clothing, Mojis’ physical sculptures and paintings are featured in some of the world’s most prestigious fine art galleries. 

Mojis in the news

“I’ve personally seen the Mojis NFTs and designs bring out the best in people again. The Mojis clothing line has allowed people to explore their individual styles and be unapologetically themselves. From partnering and creating Mojis characters for many high-profile companies like Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Metasports Arena, and NFT Magazine Today, seeing the Mojis smile spread throughout the world is a dream come true,” Mr. Moji said. 

Mojis appeared on the cover of NFT Magazine Today, with the entire back cover featuring an exclusive Mojis art illustration highlighting the unique NFTs. Several high-profile professional athletes have been sponsored and are riding under the Mojis brand, Popescu reported. Mojis is out at tournaments, competitions, and events, being seen by the world encouraging everyone to dream fearlessly and love limitlessly.  

Mojis NFTs

“The NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain technology, meaning that anyone can access them from anywhere in the world. Each NFT also has its own unique digital identity and can be used to represent the wearer’s individual style,” Mr. Moji said. 

Mojis NFTs offer a unique opportunity to express the wearer’s personality through fashion while securing a safe digital identity for virtual assets. NFTs are emerging in the fashion industry, allowing people to create a lasting impression as they take part in history. NFTs can be collected and traded, offering owners another layer of fun and excitement. 

Mojis x Z. Vidal Fine Art Collection

World-renowned French artist Zacharie Vidal joined the Mojis team, hand-designing and creating the custom, exclusive, and coveted Mojis x Z. Vidal Collection of fine art pieces. 

“Some of these Mojis x Z. Vidal pieces are featured in some of the world’s most prestigious fine art galleries. Several pieces have sold for over $10,000 to collectors who understand that the value of fine art is money, power, and beauty,” Popescu said. 


In combining NFTs with pop art, streetwear, and self-expression, Mojis is revolutionizing more than one industry. Customers can express their style with the fashion line while “inspiring people to put a smile back into their fashion and style.”

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