Certified Health Coach Analee Joseph helps people embark on their journey toward body transformation with Optavia-powered diet plans

January 26 04:03 2023
The “Best Healthy Life with Analee” program empowers individuals to kickstart their weight loss journey by focusing on their daily intake.

The Need to Stay Fit 

With obesity on the rise in America, several concerns arise for the general health and well-being of the population. Obesity has been linked to an increased risk of many diseases, such as diabetes, heart conditions, and certain cancers. 

Thus, to remain fit, maintaining a healthy weight as well as a healthy lifestyle is important for every individual. However, many individuals struggle with losing weight or keeping off the lost pounds. 

Analee’s Weightloss Journey 

Analee Joseph was one such individual who found it incredibly hard to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to Analee herself, “I have been overweight for almost as long as I can remember. At one point, I weighed over 300 pounds. That’s until I discovered a weight loss program my daughter and friends had been on.”

“I started on the Optavia diet, and within a span of 7 months, I shed 115 pounds. Not only that. I managed all this weight reduction without any medication, surgery or exercise. I was ecstatic with the weight loss, and since then have been on a path towards learning and improving on my wellness journey. I became a certified Health Coach and have since helped more than 200 clients achieve promising results regarding losing and maintaining their weight loss.” 

Bringing healthy back 

Being a certified health coach, Analee has developed her weight loss strategy for herself and her clients. She deems a fool-proof method in helping clients cut down calories and carbs and maximize protein intake while consuming a healthy and nutritious diet. 

Analee’s customized coaching program makes use of the Optavia lifestyle . All clients are encouraged to be on a specific plan based on individual needs that include Optavia’s wide variety of food choices and green meal as part of their daily intake. Analee believes that taking smaller more frequent meals throughout the day helps to curb cravings, while creating new healthy snacking habits. This plan keeps the clients nutritionally balanced throughout the day. Thus, clients are encouraged to take short meals every 2-3 hours. 

One-on-one health coaching with Analee

The “Best Healthy Life with Analee” program ensures one-on-one coaching for all clients. Analee pays exclusive attention to each client, providing support and guidance throughout the journey. Analee’s goal is to help clients remain healthy throughout life. 


Analee Joseph’s diet program helps clients shed pounds while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her diet programs do not necessarily include any exercise or diet restrictions. Analee coaches clients personally throughout their journey to encourage them to maintain new healthy eating habits. 

This helps clients lose weight and keep the lost pounds off. She aims to empower individuals to achieve their body goals and improve their eating habits. 

For more information and/or guidance, Analee can be contacted via the details provided below. 

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