How experts are slowing dogs’ aging process dramatically

March 03 13:46 2023
How experts are slowing dogs' aging process dramatically
We thought we didn’t have much longer with River. He was going downhill fast. That was until we found BACK 40 Dogs. It literally saved our boy.
Dogs that once lived 15-20 years are now struggling to reach 8-10. Only the top 30% of dog owners know how to combat this.The remaining 70% miss out on giving their pets the best life possible through proper diet. Read more to unlock the natural secrets to your dog’s longevity and quality of life and to see how one family owned American business in on a mission to donate $1 million to dog charities.

Dogs’ lifespans are shortening

Our furry family members that used to live 15-20 years are now having trouble making it to 8-10 years old. But why? Let me quickly explain.

Dogs live and die much faster than us humans. That is why it is easy to overlook how fast the aging process occurs. 

No matter the breed, the goal is the same. To live as long as possible with a high quality of life. 

Massive amounts of research demonstrates our ability to positively influence and control gene expression by changing our dog’s environment and inputs. Essentially, a better diet and less stressors equals a healthier and happier dog.

This is SHOCKING…and only 30% of dog owners are doing it

Only 30% of dog owners are aware of how quickly time flies by with their furry loved ones and as such are feeding supplements to promote longevity. 

That means the remaining 70% of dog owners are missing out on giving their pet’s the highest quality and quantity of life possible via the way they can influence the most – diet. 

The food we feed our pets can greatly impact their quality of life and longevity. They don’t get to choose what they eat…primal hunger drives them to eat what we put in front of them.

Invested dog owners are preventing these issues before they start rather than spending thousands of dollars at the vet prescribing medications for an issue that could potentially be prevented through proper diet.

$1 million dollars.

Yes – $1,000,000 this year. That’s how much BACK 40 Dogs is on a mission to raise for dog charities and organizations on the front lines making an impact for the dogs who deserve it. 

By shopping with BACK 40 Dogs, not only are you supporting dogs in need, but you are feeding premium supplements to build immunity, promote longevity, and strengthen your best friend’s body and mind for years of adventures to come.

I know we only just met, but trust me, your 12 year old version of your dog will thank you for being the caring pet parent you are and getting ahead of the curve with your dog’s health.

Do you agree? 

Don’t take my word for it, read one of our client’s recent testimonials:

“Our 14 year old border collie worked her whole life. She had been struggling recently but I have to honestly say she has made a complete 360 and is back to her sassy self. I feel like I went from almost losing her to her having so much bounce put back in her step. Thank you for representing the working class, they don’t get enough credit!”

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Welcome to the pack!


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