Aluminum Trailer Manufacturer Black Rhino Manufacturing, Inc Launches New Website with a Dealer Portal for Smooth Online Ordering

March 14 18:33 2023
Since 2019, Black Rhino Manufacturing, Inc. has designed and manufactured top quality aluminum trailers. Buyers can choose from single axle and tandem axle models. The trailers have a higher payload capacity than steel trailers. They are lighter and consume less fuel.

According to announcements released by Black Rhino Manufacturing, Inc, this aluminum trailer manufacturer has launched a new website to showcase the different types of open aluminum trailers it manufactures. Buyers can choose the trailer, add to the design, and find a dealer closest to their location. The dealer portal on the website facilitates online ordering.

Buyers can benefit from pre-approved financing options. This business is one of the preferred trailer manufacturer near me. They sell through more than 130 dealers and are currently expanding their dealer network nationwide. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, details are available on the business’s website.

Black Rhino Manufacturing, Inc will announce the Tilt Trailer series in mid-2023.

Black Rhino trailers are built with high-grade, lightweight North American aluminum. These trailers are specifically designed to provide strength and stability. The engineers at Black Rhino understand the confidence that comes with a quality trailer and have gone above and beyond to ensure their trailers are quality and reliable.

The special welding materials used in Black Rhino trailers produce 25% stronger than standard welds. The A-frame design adds strength and stability to the trailer structure and makes the trailers worthy load carriers on all surfaces, such as highways and backroads.  

Black Rhino uses some of the best aluminum wheels, steel radial tires, and torsion axles in the industry. These components ensure the smoothest of rides, even in tough conditions. Drivers can transport materials without the jolts and bumps one may face with lower quality trailers.

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Black Rhino Manufacturing, Inc’s CEO, Neil Warner says: “At Black Rhino, we strive to build the absolute best aluminum trailers possible using premium materials, superior craftsmanship, and aggressive designs. We’re proud of our people and care for our customers”.

Aluminum trailers are just as durable as steel trailers, despite being lighter. Many aluminum trailers are constructed with thicker walls and heavier-duty components than steel trailers, making them as tough and capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Aluminum is highly corrosion resistant, so aluminum trailers have a much longer lifespan than steel trailers. Steel trailers may rust over time, but aluminum trailers can withstand the elements and retain structural integrity for many years.

Aluminum trailers require less maintenance than steel trailers because they are corrosion resistant. This means spending less time and money on maintenance and more time enjoying your trailer.

While aluminum trailers may be more expensive upfront than steel trailers, they are frequently more cost-effective in the long run. Aluminum trailers’ lower maintenance costs and longer lifespan can save you money over time. Aluminum trailers are also sleek and modern, which can be a major selling point for some customers. Aluminum trailers’ smooth, shiny surfaces are far more appealing than steel trailers’ rough, rusted surfaces.

Black Rhino offers many different options on their wide selection of trailers, including: torsion and spring axles, various gate and ramp configurations, wheel designs, and a variety of side rail options to meet your cargo towing needs. 

About the Company:

Black Rhino Manufacturing Inc. uses high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and extra-durable components to manufacture aluminum trailers. The trailer designs include landscape, utility hauler, car hauler, equipment hauler, and more. The trailer materials and components are all sourced in the USA and manufactured at the business’s facility in Amelia, OH. The business sells trailers through more than 130 dealers nationwide.

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