Lantana Recovery Is Excited To Announce A New Alumni Program

March 14 20:48 2023
Lantana Recovery Is Excited To Announce A New Alumni Program
Co-founder Warren Phillips, LMSW, heads the program

Warren Phillips, LMSW of Lantana Recovery, has created a new program for alums to continue providing community support and show new clients that recovery is possible. The program will plan activities and events to unite the community while continuing to reinforce Lantana’s message of recovery.

Clients who have graduated from Lantana Recovery’s Outpatient Rehab are invited to return for these events to have a good time and help new patients see what post-recover life can look like.

Lantana’s Recovery Programs

Lantana offers sober living facilities (recovery residences), an empowerment program, and outpatient rehab.

What is a Sober Living Facility?

Sober Living Facilities are privately owned community-based facilities for those recovering from substance use disorder. They act as a bridge between leaving a treatment facility and returning to society. Clients are allowed more freedom while remaining in a safe, trigger-free space with others undergoing recovery. Peer support and community are encouraged, and residents may stay as long as needed. They will work with Peer Recovery Coaches and Recovery Coaches to create goals for their recovery.

A client does not have to be leaving a treatment facility to seek admission. Recovery residences like Lantana often accept residents seeking to firm or improve their sober lifestyle or to avoid a relapse.

Lantana’s recovery residences are located in Charleston and Mount Pleasant. They offer transportation to various events and encourage residents to explore the iconic city. Clients can participate in beach volleyball, boating, golf, fishing, photography, and more.

Empowerment Program

The Empowerment Program is a phased integrative care treatment model open to both men and women. Every client in the Empowerment Program lives in one of the recovery homes and attends clinical therapy sessions at the Lantana Recovery facility in Charleston’s downtown. Clients progress through program phases and gain more autonomy with multilayered structure and holistic support available.

Clients can address clinical needs and learn coping mechanisms while staying in the Charleston community and utilizing the same community support that will be accessible once the client completes treatment rather than traveling for treatment in a distant location. Clients of the Empowerment Program receive clinical care and participate in various recreational and experiential events, making the most of everything the Lowcountry offers.

Outpatient Services

Lantana offers various programs for continued recovery. They work with clients on psychiatric care and medication management, ensuring all mental health is considered. They also have Intensive Outpatient Programs for folks who do not require residential living or full supervision. Lantana’s Partial Hospitalization Program is a day program with options like group and individual therapy or psychiatry sessions for 30hrs each week. Clients can also consider Medication-Assisted Treatment and Medications for Opioid Use Disorder.

About Warren Phillips

Warren Phillips is a Licensed Master Social Worker who specializes in substance use disorder and mental health treatment. Before helping found Lantana, he worked at Turnbridge Addiction Treatment and Celarpoint Recovery Center. Warren has developed a therapeutic skillset that utilizes a strengths-based perspective, Twelve Step philosophies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

Warren is in long-term recovery from alcohol and illicit substances. His personal and professional experience uniquely allows him to develop programming for a successful treatment setting and help individuals and their families through the difficult process of achieving and maintaining sustainable sobriety.

About Lantana Recovery

Lantana Recovery is a structured sober living facility founded in 2018 by partners Dominic Rosa, Eric Carver, and Warren Phillips. The Lantana model creates a space where individuals can achieve personal and professional growth, self-discovery, confidence, self-reliance, resiliency, independence, and successful long-term recovery. It was born from a belief that community-based integrative treatment, based on empowerment, gives clients the best chance to achieve sustained recovery.

In 2020, Lantana added clinical programming to serve clients in Lantana housing and the Charleston community. Lantana Recovery has grown to include medical and clinical staff, outreach, admissions, peer support, and case management services. In addition, clinical programming has expanded to include increased care, allowing clients to reintegrate into the community as clinical services decrease. Lantana has also extended its addiction treatment to Greenville through an outreach office in the metro area.

Lantana Recovery is accredited and licensed to treat Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and co-occurring behavioral health diagnoses on an outpatient basis. It is in-network for several major insurances and provides financial assistance for those needing the right coverage. Lantana offers admissions and outpatient rehab. Additionally, it provides resources and support for families to help their loved one who struggles with substance use.

Media Contact

Interested parties can contact Amanda Cook via [email protected].

For more information on recovery programs, parties can also contact Lantana Recovery through their online form or by calling the main office at 843-428-6705.

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