Harness the Unstoppable Power of Dragon Energy with Victoria Jane Chisholm

March 16 17:45 2023

Victoria Jane Chisholm, a renowned dragon energy specialist and founder of The Intuitive Listener, is proud to announce her latest mentoring program where she reveals how working with Dragon Energy enhances your life and business. This program was developed for spiritual and soul-based entrepreneurs who are seeking to do deeper levels of soul-healing work in order to achieve more inner harmony in their lives.

This program offers a unique opportunity for individuals to connect with their dragon teams, as well as tap into their elemental lineage. Furthermore, Victoria’s approach can assist people with personal growth by helping them remove any limiting beliefs or unhealed trauma that they may currently be experiencing. As part of the program, individuals will gain access to specialized meditations and teachings that will help them further boost their awareness and understanding of the important aspects of dragon energy.

With over 7 years of experience working with the world’s most powerful energies, Victoria Jane Chisholm is committed to providing an effective, yet comprehensive approach to unlocking a person’s full potential through her innovative new program. By joining this program, participants will learn how to access the power of dragon energy in order to heal themselves on all levels physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through this process, she hopes to show that one can gain better clarity on life’s purpose and direction while finding inner peace and balance along the way.

A past client’s testimonial on her website enthuses that, “Victoria’s dragon laser focus sessions are profoundly healing on a multidimensional level. She is a powerhouse working with the dragons of the universe, magical elixirs and frequencies. When Victoria works on an issue, she works on it across all time, space, dimensions, past, present, future and alternate realities. I can confidently say her dragon laser focus sessions are a catalyst for deep healing, growth and change!

Victoria Jane Chisholm believes that the power of dragon energy can have profound effects on both business owners and individual seekers alike. It is her hope that her pioneering efforts will unlock the true potential within each individual who takes part in this transformational journey offered through her new program.

To learn more about Victoria and her healing work with the dragons as well as other elementals you can find her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/intuitivelistener  or check out her new first flight with the dragons package via her website https://msha.ke/theintuitivelistener#first-flight.

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