The WARR Zone Coaching Program: Healing from Past Hurts and Creating a Brighter Future

March 18 00:21 2023

There are love and relationship coaches, and then there are love and relationship coaches who truly change lives with their area of speciality.

Kristi Van Sickle is one such coach. Her area of expertise is offering coaching services to women who have a history of unhealthy relationships but who are determined to break the cycle and find the love they deserve. Kristi is a certified Master Life and Relationship Coach and an AmazonTM International Best-Selling author.

Kristi’s monthly membership coaching program, called The Whole Again Relationship Renovation Zone (a.k.a. The WARR Zone), sees women go from broken heart to relationship breakthrough, complete with the guidance of her signature program, The 4-F-er Method. Kristi calls herself The Starting Over Strategist, and works with people who want a fresh start with relationships. The WARR Zone combines years of Kristi’s experience helping people with an immersive group coaching membership program designed to help clients reclaim their power, heal from the past, and create a fulfilling future – complete with REAL love.

Through her hybrid approach to coaching, Kristi provides her clients with one-on-one guidance alongside a larger group setting for support and accountability. In her groundbreaking monthly membership program, clients get access to Kristi’s entire program recorded in bite-sized modules, group coaching, book clubs, an exclusive Facebook community, a monthly downloadable gift, and the option to become a VIP and get more personal 1:1 access so you can accomplish your relationship goals even faster. Kristi understands that healing is not easy, which is why she provides her clients with personalized advice and strategies tailored specifically to their situation.

Additionally, through her program, she helps her clients to take control of their own personal growth journey by identifying the warning signs of narcissistic abuse, healing from the trauma of past relationships, building healthy boundaries, and teaching them strategies to protect themselves from toxic people. Her clients also learn how to

cultivate self-love and self-compassion, develop the confidence and self-esteem to pursue healthy relationships, and create strategies and a blueprint for the next chapter of a healthy, happy love life.

For anyone wanting to break free from the chains of unhealthy relationships with narcissists and finding healthy, fulfilling relationships, Kristi’s program is sure to help. To get more details about her and the The Whole Again Relationship Renovation Zone program, visit

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