OTC Stocks On The Run Watchlist (ORHB, PNXLF, VISM, GEMZ)

September 28 05:16 2023

Penny stocks on the OTC market have a history of experiencing explosive pops, often triggered by game-changing news or developments. In this investigation, we look at four intriguing OTC penny stocks that may be poised for significant growth as a result of transformative events and opportunities on the horizon. 

Let’s explore four stocks with recent significant news that could ignite these stocks.

HippoFi Inc. (OTC: ORHB)

The regenerative therapeutics industry is on fire, and HippoFi Inc. (OTC: ORHB) stands out as a significant player in this rapidly expanding sector. Projections indicate that the regenerative therapeutics market could reach a staggering $200 billion valuation by 2030, and HippoFi is strategically positioned to become a major contender in this lucrative landscape.

HippoFi’s operations are centered around three core business segments: digital payments, artificial intelligence, and regenerative therapeutics. Its flagship subsidiary, PUR Biologics, operates in the regenerative therapeutics arena, offering hope to individuals grappling with tissue and organ failures due to factors like age, trauma, and diseases.

Traditionally, organ transplants were the go-to solution, but they often presented complications and suffered from limited supply issues. Regenerative medicine, however, has emerged as a game-changer. PUR Biologics, a subsidiary of HippoFi, leads the way by providing innovative biological products and proprietary technologies. These solutions encompass everything from promoting bone growth in surgical spine procedures to advanced cell therapies for regenerating cartilage in spinal discs and joints.

In a significant development on September 12, PUR Biologics secured another patent, solidifying its position as a major player in the biotech sector. This patent pertains to a groundbreaking device designed to enhance the body’s immune response, offering advancements in pain relief, bone regeneration, anti-cancer therapies, and other critical medical needs.

Ryan Fernan, Head of PUR Biologics, stated, “With the spine industry poised for 2 million procedures annually and an estimated $40 billion in revenues from surgical implants projected by 2027, the demand for PUR’s products and the innovative solutions from this patent is expected to surge significantly.”

This device is expected to contribute substantially to PUR Biologics’ revenue stream, with plans to generate considerable income within the next 18 months. As the spine industry gears up for 2 million procedures annually and revenues potentially reach $40 billion by 2027, the demand for products offered by PUR Biologics is set to soar.

On September 6, HippoFi announced a strategic partnership with ZIMMER BIOMET to redefine the spinal biologics landscape. This collaboration aims to introduce a unique synthetic biomaterial for bone growth, slated for a 2024 launch under PUR Biologics. PUR Biologics has earned recognition as a key player in regenerative medicine solutions. The partnership includes a joint commercialization research agreement, highlighting the commitment of both companies to driving innovation in the spinal biologics sector.

ORHB presents an enticing opportunity for investors in the rapidly growing regenerative therapeutics market. With a solid portfolio of innovative solutions, strategic alliances, and a focus on addressing critical medical needs, HippoFi is poised for growth in this dynamic sector. Investors should keep a keen eye on the developments and potential revenue surge stemming from these strategic moves.

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Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp (OTC: PNXLF) (TSXV: LIT)     

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. is making headlines with a significant development in the world of lithium production. On September 26, 2023, the company entered into a definitive agreement that could reshape its future.

In a strategic move, Argentina Lithium has attracted the attention of Stellantis, a global automotive giant with a portfolio of iconic brands. Stellantis will invest the equivalent of US$90 million in Argentina Litio y Energia S.A. (ALE), a subsidiary of Argentina Lithium. This infusion of capital is intended to propel the development of Argentina Lithium’s lithium projects in Argentina, a region known for its rich lithium resources.

The partnership holds great promise, as it positions Argentina Lithium to cater to the surging demand for lithium, especially in the electric vehicle sector. The automotive industry’s shift towards electric vehicles has amplified the need for a secure and sustainable supply of lithium, a critical component in battery technology.

Stellantis’ investment comes with the right to exchange the ALE shares it acquires for up to 19.9% of Argentina Lithium’s outstanding common shares in the future. This underscores Stellantis’ confidence in Argentina Lithium’s potential to contribute to the electrification of transportation.

A lithium offtake agreement has also been established, allowing Stellantis to purchase a significant amount of lithium produced by ALE over a number of years, securing their long-term commitment.

While this agreement marks a significant milestone, the true impact will depend on how Argentina Lithium leverages this strategic partnership. With the electric vehicle revolution in full swing, Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. (OTC: PNXLF) is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in the global transition to sustainable transportation. Investors should closely monitor the company’s developments as it embarks on this new frontier in lithium production.

Visium Technologies, Inc. (OTC: VISM)

Visium Technologies, Inc. (OTC: VISM) is at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation. Using graph database technology, Visium offers a risk-based cybersecurity solution that adds context to data, enabling real-time decision-making. Originally developed for the US Army Cyber Command by the MITRE Corporation as CyGraph, Visium has taken this foundation to the next level with TruContext technology. This comprehensive tool combines visualization, advanced cyber-monitoring intelligence, data modeling, analytics, and automation, filling the gaps left by traditional security tools.

In a strategic move, Visium has expanded into professional services. The launch of its Technology Consulting Services division encompasses network engineering, system engineering, software development, and cybersecurity services. This expansion positions Visium to meet the growing demand for critical services, enhancing its TruContext technology offering.

Visium’s ambitions extend to Africa, where it aims to address the continent’s digital transformation needs. Partnering with the Cybastion Institute of Technology, Visium has secured over $1 billion in projects across multiple African countries, with the potential for significant revenue. These initiatives and the launch of the Technology Consulting Services division mark a pivotal moment in Visium’s journey, positioning it as a global technology leader.

GEMXX Corporation (OTC: GEMZ)

In a bold move, GEMXX Corporation has set its sights on the Yukon Gold Project, a venture that could reshape the company’s future. GEMXX is a vertically integrated gold, gemstone, and jewelry producer with a global presence. It controls every aspect of its production, from mining to jewelry manufacturing and distribution.

What sets GEMXX apart is its expertise in the production of top-quality ammolite and ammolite jewelry. With a team of world-class gemstone cutters and jewelry designers boasting 160 years of combined experience, the company continues to lead the ammolite industry into exciting new directions.

The recent announcement of a binding letter of intent to acquire a 50% stake in the Yukon Gold Project is a game-changer. Extensive exploration work has already confirmed the presence of 2,210,660 ounces of proven gold resources, with the potential to reach a staggering 4 million ounces of gold.

In addition to the promising gold assets, GEMXX is exploring the property’s potential for other valuable minerals and rare earth elements used in battery manufacturing. This strategic move not only diversifies the company’s portfolio but also positions it for substantial growth.

With a $50,000 nonrefundable cash deposit, GEMXX is poised to complete its due diligence and finalize the Definitive Purchase Agreement. This acquisition could significantly bolster the company’s balance sheet and future revenue, making it a compelling investment opportunity.

Jay Maull, CEO of GEMXX, expressed confidence in the project, stating, “We will not only enjoy a significant reduction in the cost of goods for our entire gold jewelry line, but this acquisition will bring the company closer to our goal of becoming vertically integrated.”

GEMXX’s partnership with Aurora Geoscience, the engineering firm behind the NI 43-101 Resource Report, further ensures the project’s success. As this venture unfolds, GEMXX stands on the cusp of a golden era, offering investors a chance to be part of a promising future in the world of precious metals and minerals.



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