PDFgear Updated a Feature to “Copilot” PDF Workflows

September 28 09:06 2023
PDFgear Updated a Feature to "Copilot" PDF Workflows
PDFgear Copilots Your PDF Work
PDFgear has just updated the PDFgear Copilot feature in their PDF editor software PDFgear Desktop, which is an AI assistant inspired by Microsoft Copilot.

LOS ANGELES – September 28, 2023 – The newly updated PDFgear Copilot 2.0 feature in PDFgear will help Windows users manage office workflows more intuitively. Additionally, when the recently released Microsoft Copilot for Windows 11 becomes generally available, the updated PDFgear Copilot will be able to work with Microsoft Copilot flawlessly.

Microsoft Copilot Inspired PDFgear

If you’re not yet familiar with the idea of “Copilot”, understanding the heavily-discussed Microsoft Copilot is helpful.

During an event in New York on Thursday, Microsoft revealed the upcoming “Copilot” for Windows 11, which served as an AI assistant that receives natural language as instructions and takes actions.

The convergence of chat interfaces and large language models allows applications and programs to understand what needs to be done in natural language – software UI may well be the history.

Fascinated by the very idea, the developer team of PDFgear finds it’s a brilliant idea to also bring a Copilot into their PDF editor software PDFgear Desktop. 

Starting mid-2023, the PDFgear Copilot project is already in place and is constantly maintained and improved.

What is PDFgear Copilot

Joining the Copilot hype and primarily aiming at helping improve productivity for office workers, PDFgear Copilot is a newly upgraded and GPT-3.5-powered feature in the AI PDF editor software PDFgear Desktop.

With ChatGPT embedded, PDFgear Copilot and Copilot for Windows 11 go with the same working principle, but they work for different objectives.

With PDFgear Copilot, users no longer need to endure the learning curves of complicated PDF editor software, just tell it whether you need to compress or convert the PDF documents, and it will be done automatically – with your privacy and security at the forefront.

Some commonly used instructions include:

1. Summarize this PDF file.

2. Convert this PDF to Word format.

3. Compress this PDF using a high compression level.

4. Add a password to protect this file.

5. Display this PDF in slide mode.

6. Zoom in this PDF view.

How PDFgear Works with Microsoft Copilot

Aside from being a standalone AI assistance, PDFgear Copilot will also work with Microsoft Copilot.

Microsoft claims to deliver a “seamless AI-powered experience across applications and devices”, however, since the official documentation of Microsoft Copilot is not available yet, how Windows programs like PDFgear work with Microsoft Copilot remains unknown. 

With that being said, quick summoning PDFgear through Microsoft Copilot is likely possible. We also look forward to being able to receive instructions from Microsoft Copilot, which passes on the message to PDFgear for implementing the according tasks, without having to open the PDFgear Desktop program beforehand.

The integration of PDFgear with Microsoft Copilot should arrive around November 1, if the beta testing goes well.

More PDF Management Features

Other than the above mentioned, it should not be omitted that PDFgear Desktop is also a piece of free and powerful PDF editing software.

PDFgear Desktop is the gathering of a plethora of PDF managing tools such as PDF converter, PDF text editor, PDF organizer, PDF merger & splitter, PDF OCR tools, PDF form filler, PDF signer, etc.

Meanwhile, PDFgear is also a renowned AI PDF chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. With the help of extensively trained large language models, PDFgear allows users to efficiently summarize, translate, rewrite, and extract information from large PDF documents.

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