Biohong Group’s Dermis-Targeted Supramolecular Self-Assembly (DTSS) Technology Global Launch Revolutionizes Chinese Skincare Technology

December 06 17:00 2023

On December 6, 2023, Biohong Group organized the “DTSS Global Launch” event in Xi’an, China, unveiling five cutting-edge technology platforms with independent intellectual property rights. They introduced new raw materials, products, and an innovative CDMO platform based on these platforms, bringing highly efficient skincare technology to the industry. This advancement surpasses the limitations of traditional cosmetic ingredients and offers an all-in-one solution for the skincare industry. It signifies the progress of regenerative medicine technology and synthetic biology in skincare, contributing to the growth of domestic brands.

With a solid foundation of over 20 years in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and extensive research on skin and cells, Biohong Group has successfully translated several technological innovations into breakthroughs in regenerative skincare. Their Dermis-Targeted Supramolecular Self-Assembly Technology is composed of five major platforms: Polymicron™ Supramolecular Assembly Technology, Tai Bundle® Technology, Sticky Complex Tai® Supramolecular Assembly Technology, Polypearl™ Intelligent Assembly Technology, and Polysintai® Supramolecular Assembly Technology. These platforms effectively address issues such as poor transdermal penetration, permeability, stability, and irritation associated with existing skincare ingredients. They overcome the limitations of traditional skincare formulas and significantly enhance the effectiveness and quality of active ingredients.

Each technology platform generates innovative materials, including Tai Bundle® Blue Copper Peptide, Sticky Complex Tai® Licorice Compound, Polymicron™ Targeted Milk Exosomes, Polysintai® Supramolecular Assembly PDRN, Polypearl™ Retinol, and more. These materials drive the trend of regenerative skincare, offering diverse benefits such as anti-aging, repair, whitening, soothing, and hydration effects. They contribute to the development of the domestic skincare ingredient industry and establish a technological advantage for domestic brands.

During the launch event, Biohong Group introduced a regenerative science and technology innovation-oriented CDMO platform. This comprehensive platform provides CDMO services, including raw material manufacturing, product development, evaluation, production, and intellectual property layout, to global cosmetics companies, raw material suppliers, and cosmetics OEM companies. The group has already established partnerships with renowned domestic brands such as HFP and AFU, and their collaborative brands are gradually entering the market.

Leveraging their strong research capabilities in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, the Biohong Group incorporates innovative materials from the five technology platforms into their skincare products under brands like Zhanmeiya, Fushengji, Shiguangshi, and Time Times. They continuously empower themselves and other domestic brands with regenerative skincare technology.

The development of core technologies and innovative materials is not only crucial for skincare companies to maintain their competitive edge but also a significant factor in their continuous growth. In the future, the Biohong Group will remain dedicated to regenerative medicine, utilizing the “Five Technology Platforms” as the foundation. They aim to provide more intelligent, targeted, and effective materials for the domestic skincare industry, consistently updating the integration and application of regenerative medicine in skincare, and driving the iteration and advancement of domestic skincare products. Their commitment is to become a globally influential, innovative regenerative science and technology research and development enterprise.

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