Fashion Rookie: Interview with Julie Liu, Designer of the Trophies for the Fashion Awards

December 06 17:06 2023

The “Fashion. Creativity Awards” ceremony, which is highly regarded by the fashion industry globally, was held in London on 4 December 2023, attended by the top international fashion celebrities such as Famous actors:Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow,Michaela Coel, Andrew Garfield, Josh O’Connor, Famous singer:Sam Smith  Celebrity:Lewis Hamilton, Romeo Beckham, Amal Clooney, Kate Moss,Supermode:He Cong, Zhang Lina.

The trophy this year is an eye-catching highlight, with an innovative and stylish shape that integrates classical and modern characteristics, oriental and western cultures, which aroused great interest and praise from the guests. The designer of the trophy, Julie Liu, is an innovative young designer who is also the winner of the “Fashion. Creativity” Awards 2022

Julie Liu said in an interview that the initial inspiration came from Dragon Tales, her favourite cartoon series, which is little known but a true gem. At the beginning of each episode, the characters are required to take out a magic stone and recite an incantation along the lines of, “I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with the dragons.”, and then the stone will take them to the Land of Dragons, a place where you are allowed to imagine at will and a free kingdom of new ideas. She felt that the Land of Dragons, although fictional, had truly given her a sense of creative freedom, which also stems from self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

She set out to find a unique material that can reflect light, with favourable plasticity yet tolerance of imperfections, and she found the world of glass, which is very appealing, crystal clear, colourful and ever changing. Her team and she worked together with Martin and Kate, whose glassblowing skills are amazing, and they explored a variety of stones with different shapes, colours and techniques to reveal their own visions of stone.

The shape of the finalised trophy differs a lot from previous trophies and she saw it as the stone of freedom in her mind, and the magic stone to the kingdom of freedom as well. It is her hope that all winners of the Fashion Awards will regard this trophy as a symbol of their esteemed artistic legacy and she is thankful to them for bringing their Dragon Kingdom to the world.

Each trophy for this Award is unique, and Julie Liu and her team worked with master craftsmen in the creation of the trophies. She said that each trophy is meticulously handcrafted by them and is screaming, “Hey, this is me, inside and outside.”


Designer Julie Liu(Mid)


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