BatchOutput PDF Adds Variable Print Quantity: PDF Automation Tool

December 06 17:36 2023
Zevrix Solutions releases BatchOutput PDF 3.1.1, a feature update to the company’s PDF printing automation solution for macOS. The only tool for automatic PDF printing on the Apple market, the app processes PDF from watched hot folders while offering variable page slugs and other productivity-boosting options. The new version adds the variable print quantity option based on a token in PDF file name and fixes issues with applying page slugs.

Toronto, ON, Canada – December 6, 2023 – Zevrix Solutions announces the release of BatchOutput PDF 3.1.1, a feature update to company’s PDF print automation tool. The sole consumer-focused product delivering automated PDF printing on the Apple marketplace, the software allows users to process PDF files from watched hot folders. The software empowers users to eradicate tedious repetitive tasks of manual document opening and printing, establishing it as the preferred option for time-saving PDF output.

The new version introduces an option for variable print quantity based on a token in the PDF file name, in addition to the fixed number of copies specified in the print settings. When the users wish to define a custom print quantity for a specific file, they can simply insert the desired number of copies enclosed in square brackets into the PDF file name (e.g., [3]). BatchOutput PDF will use this custom quantity to output the file, bypassing the value specified in the standard ‘Copies’ field of the print settings.

“This is one of those apps that you never knew you needed until you spend a day using it,” says Glen Saville of Glen Saville Design firm in Hornchurch, UK. “If you handle a large number of PDFs daily this will save you time, without a doubt.”

Users can establish hot folders for different print configurations, add custom page slugs based on variable data, and choose printer trays based on document text, ultimately saving time and reducing the burden of repetitive printing tasks.

In addition to the single-user edition of the program, Zevrix also offers BatchOutput PDF Server that enables unlimited users to access it on a network.

Pricing and Availability:

BatchOutput PDF can be purchased from Zevrix website for US$24.95 (Server version $99.95), as well as from Mac App Store and authorized resellers. Licensed users of version 2 can upgrade for $12.50 (Server version: $50). Trial is also available for download. BatchOutput PDF 3 supports macOS 10.13-14.x (while version 2 offers support for earlier macOS versions).

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