Sulte Law Firm Now Accepts DUI Defense Cases in Tampa

February 12 11:20 2024

Sulte Law Firm proudly announces its latest expansion to include “driving under the influence” (DUI) cases within its criminal defense services, further solidifying its commitment to serving the Tampa area with top-notch legal representation.

With Tampa DUI lawyer Ryan Sulte at the helm, the firm aims to leverage its extensive experience to serve the growing number of DUI cases in the Bay area.

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Ryan has always been on the side of helping people, encouraging them and always wanting the best for everyone. His compassion and excellence help his law firm stand out among the rest.

Comprehensive DUI Defense Services

Florida law prohibits driving under the influence (DUI) of alcoholic beverages or any controlled or chemical substances when you’re impaired and/or your blood or breath alcohol levels (BAC) are .08% or above.

If you are under 21, you can be charged with DUI if your BAC is 0.02% or higher. The state is especially tough on underage drunk driving, so if the case results in a conviction, it can have dire consequences.

However, failing a field sobriety test doesn’t tell the whole story, so hiring an attorney you can trust is crucial. A DUI conviction can result in the loss of your license, a fine, and even jail time.

A seasoned lawyer from Sulte Law Firm will stop at nothing to make your voice heard. Its competent team will investigate all aspects of your DUI arrest and put together the best legal strategy to have the charges reduced or even dismissed.

Community-Centric Legal Practice

A criminal charge can drastically change your life, and most defendants silently suffer through the stigma – that’s why you’d want a cutthroat defense lawyer who won’t take advantage of your desperation to make a profit.

Ryan shares a similar mission, and he best explained his law firm’s philosophy by saying that “clients are people, not a case number.” 

Sulte Law Firm also has a deeply-rooted presence in the Tampa area. They have handled some of the most challenging cases, ranging from traffic offenses to assault and battery, domestic violence, illegal drug possession, theft, and fraud to even more serious charges of burglary, robbery, sexual battery, attempted murder and murder.

Contact Sulte Law Firm Now

A DUI charge is a common offense, but it can still leave you with a criminal record that can haunt you for the rest of your life.

At Sulte Law Firm, your case will be dealt with in a straightforward fashion – no exaggerations or theatrics – just clear-cut legal solutions for your best interests.

Ryan and his team can navigate Florida’s legal system with efficiency, compassion, and results. Countless clients had their charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

Fight for your freedom and dignity. Call 813-223-4343 now for a free legal consultation with a Tampa DUI attorney.

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