Pharmacy Stars Partners with End Drug Shortages Alliance to Tackle Medication Supply Challenges

February 21 09:04 2024
Pharmacy Stars Partners with End Drug Shortages Alliance to Tackle Medication Supply Challenges

Pharmacy Stars, a leading provider of compounding compliance solutions, announced today its membership in the End Drug Shortages Alliance. This alliance comprises diverse industry organizations, stakeholders, and thought leaders committed to addressing the pharmaceutical supply challenges that hinder access to vital medications in the United States. Through collaborative efforts within various committees, alliance members work towards ending drug shortages that disrupt patient care.

“Patients rely on our customers for ready access to appropriate and safe medications as part of their medical care,” said Keith Streckenbach, Pharmacy Stars’ Chief Executive Officer. “It may seem counterintuitive that we support an initiative that reduces the need for our software and services. It is true that drug shortages are one of the drivers for compounding, but not the only driver, and Pharmacy Stars is driven by the healing power of pharmacy and recognizes the clear need to end the seemingly unsolvable problem of drug shortages.”

For over five years, Pharmacy Stars has offered software and services to assist healthcare providers in efficiently compounding quality, sterile drug preparations for their patients. Compounding arises from the demand for personalized medicine, cost efficiency, and operational effectiveness, as well as in response to drug shortages. Events such as the recently announced Carboplatin shortage on January 8, 2024, underscore the strain on the healthcare system and the risks it poses to patients and providers.

In alignment with its commitment to advancing patient care and ensuring medication access, Pharmacy Stars looks forward to actively participating in the End Drug Shortages Alliance’s initiatives. By joining forces with other industry stakeholders, Pharmacy Stars aims to contribute to the development of sustainable solutions that address the persistent challenges posed by drug shortages. Through collaborative efforts and shared expertise, the alliance endeavors to enhance transparency, quality, and supply readiness, ultimately benefiting healthcare providers and patients across the United States.

To learn more about Pharmacy Stars’ involvement in the End Drug Shortages Alliance and its ongoing efforts to address pharmaceutical supply challenges, visit here.

About End Drug Shortages Alliance:

The End Drug Shortages Alliance (EDSA) is a collaboration of health systems, supply chain, and industry stakeholders including group purchasing organizations, manufacturers, distributors, and other industry thought leaders dedicated to solving the pharmaceutical supply challenges that disrupt access to essential medications in the United States. EDSA prioritizes initiatives focused on transparency, quality, redundancy, and production of additional supply to achieve undisrupted access to essential medications for healthcare providers and patients. Learn more at

About Pharmacy Stars:

Serving over 1,500 hospitals and infusion centers in the United States and Canada, Compounding360, is the #1 enterprise compounding quality management system that gets work done in a fraction of the time it takes with legacy IV documentation tools or paper and Excel. Compounding360 is used by large-scale health systems to standardize and centrally control compounding quality and compliance across dozens or even hundreds of hospitals and infusion centers.


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