AquaSpace by Masterson Outlines the Benefits of Saltwater Pools

February 22 08:21 2024
AquaSpace by Masterson Outlines the Benefits of Saltwater Pools
AquaSpace by Masterson is a leading pool construction company. In a recent update, the company outlined the benefits of saltwater pools.

Mahwah, NJ – In a website post, AquaSpace by Masterson outlined the benefits of saltwater pools.

The pool builders Mahwah said saltwater pools offer a gentler, more natural swimming experience. Traditional chlorine pools can leave swimmers with red, itchy eyes and dry, irritated skin. However, saltwater pools use a chlorine generator to convert salt into chlorine, resulting in much lower chlorine levels. Additionally, the saltwater in these pools is similar to the salt content in our bodies, making it less harsh on the skin.

The custom pool builders Mahwah asserted that saltwater pools are more cost-effective in the long run. Although the initial installation cost of a saltwater pool may be slightly higher, the long-term savings are significant. With a traditional chlorine pool, chlorine needs to be constantly purchased and added, creating ongoing costs. However, with a saltwater pool, the chlorine generator only needs to be replaced every few years, significantly reducing the cost and maintenance required. 

The pool contractors Mahwah added that saltwater pools are known for their superior water quality. The chlorine produced by the generator in a saltwater pool is of a higher quality and is more stable than the chlorine used in traditional pools. This results in cleaner and clearer water and a lowered risk of algae growth. This decreases the time and effort needed for pool maintenance and creates a more enjoyable and visually appealing swimming experience.

About AquaSpace by Masterson

AquaSpace by Masterson is a premier pool construction company. They believe that a pool is much more than just a place to swim, but rather a space to create lasting memories and enhance the overall value of a property. As such, the team works closely with customers to design and build custom pools that satisfy their technical specifications and reflect their personal style and vision.

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