INTENTIS Launches Zimus, AI-Powered Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Software

April 11 19:51 2024
Swiss-based software engineering company brings machine learning-driven product to market, offering users accelerated business and greater productivity

ZURICH – April 11, 2024 – INTENTIS, a Swiss software engineering company, today announced the introduction of Zimus, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered intelligent document processing (IDP) solution. Zimus is an intelligent and agile document processing tool that retrieves data from complex documents by using multi-layer AI and machine learning (ML). Zimus is a solution that the INTENTIS team developed comprehensively from scratch. It reduces manual work, accelerates business processes, and boosts productivity.

Zimus stands out in the marketplace for its use of AI to ingest and analyze documents, extract relevant data, and transmit information for further processing. Zimus is customizable for each customer’s specific needs. It is designed to be precise and efficient, ensuring fast and accurate results. Zimus can be utilized for different document types and layouts even if they are specific to a company’s business. Clients will determine exactly what data will be retrieved. Even if a company has a vast number of documents, Zimus is specifically designed to handle it.

INTENTIS provides businesses with “custom trained models,” said Sergej Grebenjuk, CEO of INTENTIS. He added, “Zimus is a remarkable achievement. It runs on our high-performance AI cluster. It does not use external resources at any process stage. All work is done on our infrastructure.”


INTENTIS is a software engineering company that invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological progress and provide advanced solutions to its clients. The INTENTIS team is renowned for constantly exploring new technologies and innovative ideas, and experimenting to improve existing concepts. The company’s goal is to create innovative products that can solve complex problems and meet the evolving needs of businesses.

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