How to improve safety and satisfaction with facial contouring surgery?

April 11 20:00 2024

Face shape is one of the factors that greatly influences an individual’s mood. It is said that preferred facial shapes differ slightly depending on the culture, but in general, a smooth and clean facial shape gives a better impression than a bumpy, asymmetrical face.

Even if you have clear facial features, protruding cheekbones or square jawbones can make you look older than your actual age or give strong impression, so many people are looking for plastic surgery to solve these fundamental problems.

A medical method to improve the facial line is facial contouring surgery. It is a surgical method to improve the shape of the face by trimming and reshaping the facial bones. The main facial contouring surgery methods are well known as cheek reduction surgery, square jaw surgery, and chin surgery.

This is a highly difficult surgery that deals with the facial bones. In addition to the facial bones and surrounding skin, fine blood vessels, nerves, and muscles are intricately intertwined. Therefore, it is most important to perform a balanced surgery that takes into account each individual’s skin tissue condition and body type.

Doctor Kim Hyeong Jun from NANA plastic surgery hospital said “Facial contouring surgery is a surgery that corrects the shape of the entire face through bone correction, so it requires very delicate and accurate techniques. “If you are concerned about your large square jaw and cheekbones, you can achieve a slim, small, and soft face shape with square jaw surgery and cheekbone reduction surgery,” he explained.

Doctor Kim also explained that “It is not just about reducing the size of the bones, it is necessary to approach from various angles to create a natural and three-dimensional facial shape even from different angles. He mentioned that if necessary, performing fat grafting to the sunken areas can be expected elasticity, balanced and soft facial shape. 

Lastly, Doctor Kim Hyeong Jun said, “It is important to get the surgery procedure at a specialized hospital with a safety system where pre-operative tests such as 3D-CT imaging are available and an anesthesiologist is on-site. “Through this, the surgical plan and details of surgery areas are determined, and if the surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and technical know-how, a highly satisfactory surgical effect can be expected.”

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