Seasonal Colour Analysis Helps Clients Feel Confident And Beautiful In Every Season

April 15 22:42 2024
Seasonal Colour Analysis Helps Clients Feel Confident And Beautiful In Every Season
The colour and style principles at House of Colour are for the client. They are meant to bring clarity and simplicity to the customer’s life so they can show up efficiently and confidently wherever they are.

House of Colour and Nicole Sveen are pleased to announce that colour analysis helps clients maximize their beauty and self-confidence all year. Seasonal Colour Analysis is a boon for busy people who hope to minimize the pressure of deciding what to wear. Reaching into the closet and pulling out something that makes one feel confident and beautiful saves time and resources. Time and resources are too precious to buy one-offs without knowing what they can be combined with at home.

The closet should be the workhouse of the morning so more time can be spent doing what’s most important to the client. Morning tasks such as getting kids to school, heading off to work for an early meeting, or editing a book that is in process should not be interrupted by trying to decide what to wear.

Nicole Sveen explained the benefits provided by House of Colour in a recent interview. “I believe everyone should be able to understand their natural colouring and body shapes so that they can shop intentionally and with confidence. You need to know more than just the colours and the styles though- you need to know the why and the how. That is what I teach you when you come to your appointment. We take a deep dive into what is unique about you and how to use the tools you learn during your appointment throughout your lifetime.”

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House of Colour’s professionals are celebrators of individuality and curators of confidence. Their mission is to help clients create a lasting, easy-to-manage, and sustainable wardrobe that looks great. Suitable garments give the wearer self-confidence while representing each client’s authentic self. The professionals celebrate the pioneers in the concept who had a revolutionary idea over 35 years ago and worked to ensure that people look their best and feel their most confident as their ideal selves. The guiding principle has permitted the House of Colour concept to transition from an idea to a global brand.

Finding the colours that help clients look their best and feel most confident is based on scientific analysis rather than following the latest fashion trend. Learning about who someone is and how they want to be perceived is fundamental in determining the clothing styles that make someone feel most empowered.

The professionals believe in the planet and work to help clients make sustainable choices in clothing. The garment and accessory choices they make should be ones that they love and want to keep. Each individual is celebrated, while the House of Colour helps create a safe and comfortable space where clients can leave their appointments feeling confident and most like their authentic selves.

House of Colour believes in the power of community, supporting each other, and in the strength of using empathy and compassion in business. The colour team believes that adding colour makes each life more magical. The initial consultation helps clients determine a preferred colour palette. The website’s content helps clients deepen their understanding of how to use colours appropriately during each season of the year.

A personal colour analysis consultation is a two to three-hour service designed to discover and celebrate the client using a sophisticated process and the principles of colour science. Garment colours are only part of the process. Clients are taught how to accessorize to keep clothes looking fresh and comfortable.

About the Company:

House of Colour provides individualized colour analysis and consultation for North Carolina residents. The goal of colour analysis is to ensure that clothing and accessories are acquired to combine a few garments in many different ways. This practice ensures that the wardrobe is expanded without minimal costs.

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