Announces Expansion of Product Lineup with NICOR’s Hazardous Area Lighting Solutions

April 17 21:30 2024, a leading provider of industrial and commercial lighting solutions, is excited to announce the expansion of its product offerings to include Nicor Lighting’s hazardous area lighting solutions. This strategic partnership aligns with’s goal to enhance its product range, offering clients exceptional, safe lighting options for hazardous environments.

Charles Kughn, CEO of, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership: “Our dedication lies exclusively in providing top-tier commercial and industrial lighting solutions, streamlining the selection process for our clients to ensure they receive premium products at competitive prices. With our ongoing expansion, we are delighted to partner with Nicor, confident in their ability to uphold our commitment to quality through their explosion-proof lighting offerings.”

Nicor Lighting specializes in designing and manufacturing lighting solutions that are both safe for hazardous locations and aesthetically pleasing. Their products are crafted to meet the highest standards of safety and design, offering reliable and stylish lighting options for both indoor and outdoor settings. From robust, explosion-proof fixtures to versatile LED lights, Nicor’s offerings are perfect for environments where safety is a critical concern.

Explosion-proof lighting is specifically designed and manufactured to operate safely in environments where there are high risks of explosions due to the presence of flammable gases, vapors, dust, or fibers. These lighting fixtures are constructed to contain any explosion that originates within its housing, preventing the ignition of flammable materials in the surrounding atmosphere.

The design parameters of explosion-proof lighting require robust, durable materials and construction techniques that can withstand extreme conditions. This ensures that the lights not only prevent the spread of explosions but also offer reliability and longevity in harsh and hazardous environments.

The core functionality of explosion-proof lighting lies in its ability to provide safe, reliable illumination in areas where traditional lighting could pose a risk of ignition. These environments include oil refineries, gas stations, grain silos, and chemical manufacturing plants, among others.

Explosion-proof lights are engineered to maintain surface temperatures below the ignition point of any volatile substances present, thereby significantly reducing the risk of an explosion. Their specialized designs may include heavy-duty, sealed enclosures and components that can resist corrosion, vibration, and impacts, making them an essential safety feature in industries where the potential for explosive atmospheres exists.

Product Availability is proud to offer Nicor Lighting’s intrinsically safe lighting solutions, meeting the needs of businesses seeking reliable lighting for hazardous areas. This partnership underscores both companies’ commitment to delivering high-quality, safe, and stylish lighting options to the commercial market.

Customers interested in exploring the explosion-proof lighting options available from Nicor Lighting can visit’s website for more information.

Adding the range of explosion-proof lighting solutions from Nicor to’s lineup aligns seamlessly with the company’s objectives to provide premium commercial and industrial lighting solutions that meet a wide array of client needs. This strategic expansion is a testament to’s commitment to offering high-quality, safe, and reliable lighting options that cater to specialized environments. By incorporating explosion-proof lighting into their offerings, is addressing the critical need for lighting solutions that can operate safely in hazardous areas, thereby broadening their market reach to industries operating in potentially explosive atmospheres.

This move directly benefits’s clientele by providing them with access to a comprehensive selection of intrinsically safe lighting solutions tailored for environments with strict safety standards. Industries such as oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and grain processing, where the risk of explosions is a significant concern, require lighting that not only illuminates effectively but also enhances safety protocols.

The introduction of Nicor’s explosion-proof lighting to’s product portfolio means clients in these sectors can now find a one-stop solution for their unique lighting needs, ensuring their operations are both well-lit and safe. Consequently, this expansion helps reinforce client trust and satisfaction by demonstrating’s dedication to meeting diverse industry requirements through a meticulous selection of products that prioritize both functionality and safety.

About is a leader in providing high-quality, commercial and industrial lighting solutions. Based in Farmington, MI, the company is committed to offering a wide range of products that meet the needs of its clients, emphasizing quality, safety, and design. 

About Nicor Lighting’s Explosion-Proof Solutions

Nicor Lighting’s explosion-proof products are designed to provide secure, uniform lighting in areas prone to explosive hazards. Their commitment to quality and design excellence is evident in each product, combining durable materials with modern styling to ensure both safety and visual appeal. Nicor’s LED lights and fixtures are built to perform under the most demanding conditions, making them a premier choice for commercial settings that require intrinsically safe lighting solutions.

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