ProtoArc launches crowdfunding campaign for ergonomic smart chair

May 08 14:20 2024
Arc Protector Y24 offers adaptive customized lumbar support, intelligent posture sensing, and adjustable features that prioritize well-being.

Today ProtoArc launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Arc Protector Y24 ergonomic smart chair. Offering adaptive lumbar support, intelligent posture sensing, and adjustable features, the Arc Protector Y24 reduces pressure on the spine and provides a highly personalized sitting experience. The Kickstarter campaign features tiered pricing with limited-time offers ranging from $559 to $599, each providing savings off the MSRP of $699.

“We’ve all heard that sitting is the new smoking,” says Joey He, founder of ProtoArc. “With the Arc Protector Y24, we’re not just designing a chair—we’re crafting a sanctuary against the sedentary lifestyle that threatens our health.”

The Arc Protector Y24 stands out with its app-powered features and ergonomic design. Each chair is equipped with a tailored lumbar support system featuring four adaptive airbags and eight smart sensors that adjust automatically, ensuring optimal support tailored to each user’s unique posture. This proactive approach to spinal health is enhanced by a four-gear lock mechanism that automatically adjusts the seat’s recline according to the user’s weight, offering unparalleled comfort throughout the workday.

Further enhancing its user-centric design, the Arc Protector Y24 includes:

– A comprehensive health management and chair control app, complete with stand-up reminders, posture tracking, and insightful health analytics.

– Construction with high-density 50D foam that contours perfectly to the body, promoting even distribution of pressure and improved circulation.

– A generously sized seat with adjustable depth, a retractable footrest, an adjustable headrest, and flexible armrests together support a variety of seating positions, including the ability to sit cross-legged.

“Our mission with the Arc Protector Y24 is to transform the inevitable reality of sitting into an opportunity for wellness and productivity,” continues He. “This chair is more than an office essential—it’s a tool for a healthier, more dynamic lifestyle.”

The estimated production and delivery of Arc Protector Y24 is September 2024. Media wishing to interview their personnel should contact PR agent Borjana Slipicevic.

About ProtoArc

ProtoArc, a trailblazer in the field of wireless computer peripherals, combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional design to enhance both work and personal environments. Established as a brand in 2021 and built on two decades of industry experience, ProtoArc crafts adaptable products tailored for the evolving landscapes of remote and hybrid work. With a firm belief in thriving in a workspace designed for wellness, the brand ensures that every new rollout enriches their collection of essential tools, making a significant impact on the modern user’s daily life.

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