The Story of IBT began in a Small, Rented Office Space in Dubai with Minimal Equipment and a Handful of Dedicated Professionals

May 09 18:18 2024

Jai Mulani, a dynamic individual with a sharp eye for emerging market trends, recognized early on the burgeoning demand for outsourcing services that could offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

With a background in technology and a natural flair for customer relations, Jai Mulani set out to create a company that would bridge the gap between businesses and their operational needs, specializing in IT Outsourcing and Call Center Services.

The initial days were challenging. With limited resources, Jai Mulani and his team needed to convince clients to trust their startup. They focused on delivering exceptional service quality, leveraging innovative solutions, and maintaining high customer satisfaction. 

Word of their reliability and efficiency spread quickly, and soon, IBT secured its first major contract — an opportunity that would pave the way for numerous others. And that was the time IBT became the Best IT Company in Dubai and Best IT Company in UAE. 

As the company grew, so did its offerings. Recognizing the evolution of customer service dynamics, Jai Mulani introduced Call Center Outsourcing into IBT’s service portfolio. 

This move was strategic, tapping into a global network of professional service agents who could provide 24/7 support to clients across different time zones. The decision not only expanded IBT’s market reach but also significantly enhanced its reputation as a full-spectrum service provider.

Under Jai Mulani’s leadership, IBT continued to innovate. The company invested in advanced AI technologies to streamline operations and improve service delivery. These technologies enabled predictive analytics, allowing IBT’s clients to gain insightful data about customer behaviors and preferences, thus enhancing decision-making processes.

The rise of IBT is not just a testament to its financial success but also reflects the company’s commitment to its employees and the community. Jai Mulani ensured that as the company grew, its employees did too, both professionally and personally.

He instituted training programs, fostered a culture of transparency and inclusiveness, and ensured that success was shared across the board.

The company not only supports businesses around the world with its top-notch outsourcing solutions but also contributes to setting standards in the BPO sector.

From a modest initial investment of $ 1500 to a multi-million dollar enterprise valued at $ 150,000,000, IBT’s Journey is a brilliant narrative of visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Service Offerings by IBT are listed below:

1. Technology Solutions

2. IT Outsourcing Services

3. BPO Solutions

4. Call Center Outsourcing Services

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