Lumopal Unveils Revolutionary Outdoor Power Solution: Lum Pyramid Solar Bank

May 09 23:27 2024
The lightweight 24W solar panel, 24,000mAh power bank, and 600-lumen outdoor light that folds to book size.

Emerging brand Lumopal, dedicated to outdoor power solutions and camping accessories, announces the upcoming launch of its latest product on Kickstarter – the Lum Pyramid Solar Bank. Previously recognized with prestigious accolades such as the French Design Award and the American Design Award for its unique design and innovative features, Lum Pyramid has garnered widespread acclaim.

The Lum Pyramid seamlessly integrates a 24W solar panel, 24,000mAh power bank, and 600-lumen outdoor light into a compact design that folds to the size of a book. With a continuous and stable 65W power output, it effortlessly meets the portable power needs of outdoor enthusiasts while keeping them away from cumbersome electrical equipment. Whether camping, hiking, RVing, or engaging in other outdoor activities, the Lum Pyramid provides reliable clean energy to power smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices.

Features and Specifications:

The Lum Pyramid supports two output ports, including PD USB-C (65W MAX) and USB QC3.0 (22W MAX),enabling full-speed charging for laptop and other portable devices.

With a high-quality monocrystalline silicon solar panel boasting a conversion rate of up to 23.5%, the Lum Pyramid can provide a maximum solar input power of 24W to its 24,000mAh solar bank. Under ideal lighting conditions, it takes only 6 hours to fully charge the battery. Additionally, the Lum Pyramid supports charging from a maximum 40W input charger, ensuring timely battery replenishment even without sunlight.

Lighting is essential for outdoor activities, and the Lumopal design team has taken this into consideration by equipping the Lum Pyramid with a high-powered 600-lumen outdoor camping light with four modes, offering a maximum continuous runtime of 48 hours!

Key Advantages:

Fast and Smart Charging: The Lum Pyramid features a PD 65W fast output port, providing ample power to charge laptops quickly. With the included USB-C to C cable, it can charge a MacBook Air 14″ from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes, making it the perfect companion for camping, traveling, and outdoor adventures. Equipped with an intelligent chipset, it automatically recognizes charging devices and provides optimal charging power, ensuring quick charging for your phone, iPad, Nintendo Switch, laptop anytime, anywhere.

IP64 Dustproof and Water Resistance: With its IP64 dustproof and water-resistant rating, the Lum Pyramid is perfectly suited for harsh outdoor environments, remaining unaffected by rain or sandstorms. Paired with a high-quality monocrystalline silicon 24W solar panel, it provides stable, continuous power whether on a business trip or exploring the great outdoors.

Safe Charging: Lum Pyramid is equipped with a built-in battery protection board and incorporates a temperature sensor into the BMS control system. Through dual protection, it ensures the entire product is protected from overload, overheating, and short circuits, while safeguarding your device during charging.

“Since our inception, Lumopal has been committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for outdoor power needs,” said a spokesperson for the company. “With Lum Pyramid, we’re excited to offer a versatile, all-in-one solution that combines solar charging, power bank functionality, and outdoor lighting in a sleek and portable package. We’re grateful for the recognition we’ve received from prestigious design awards, and we’re eager to introduce Lum Pyramid to a wider audience through our Kickstarter campaign.”

The Lum Pyramid crowdfunding campaign will kick off on May 8th (Pacific Time) on the Kickstarter platform. Early bird backers can enjoy discounts of up to 41%! 

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