GOQii Founder Vishal Gondal Discusses Healthcare Gamification and Web3 Integration on The Silicon Dreams with Orbis86

May 13 22:24 2024
Vishal Gondal, CEO of GOQii, discussed his entrepreneurial journey, GOQii’s mission in healthcare, and its transition to Web3 in an interview with Orbis86. They highlighted GOQii’s milestones, Web3 integration with UHT, user privacy, celebrity endorsements, and urged investing in health.

Vishal Gondal, founder and CEO of GOQii, a leading gamified healthcare platform, recently participated in an interview with Silicon Dreams with Orbis86. In the interview, Gondal discussed his entrepreneurial journey, GOQii’s mission to revolutionize healthcare, and the company’s exciting transition to Web3.

From Gaming to Gamified Healthcare

Vishal Gondal, a seasoned entrepreneur, began by sharing his impressive background. He highlighted the establishment of India Games at the young age of 16, which became India’s largest gaming company. Following this success, he steered the company’s acquisition by Walt Disney in 2012. Leveraging his passion for gaming and health, Gondal embarked on a new venture with GOQii in 2014.

GOQii’s Milestones and Impact

Established in 2014, GOQii has secured nearly $40 million from prominent global investors. The platform boasts millions of users in India and has achieved a successful launch in the UK, integrating seamlessly with the healthcare insurance system. GOQii empowers users to improve their health scores and reduce insurance premiums. In 2018, GOQiiCash was introduced as a reward system to further incentivize users on their health journeys.

Web3 Integration: Revolutionizing Healthcare with UHT

Gondal emphasized his personal experiences as the inspiration for GOQii’s focus on preventative healthcare and user motivation. Recognizing the limitations of traditional healthcare systems, GOQii is pioneering the use of Web3 technology and the Universal Health Token (UHT) to incentivize healthy lifestyles.

GOQiiCash vs. UHT: Transparency and Interoperability

Gondal explained the evolution from GOQiiCash, a closed-loop reward system, to UHT, a Web3-based token offering greater transparency and interoperability. Users earn UHT for engaging in healthy activities on the GOQii platform. These tokens can be exchanged for a variety of products and services within the GOQii ecosystem, including insurance premiums and healthcare expenses.

Prioritizing User Privacy and Security

Gondal addressed user concerns regarding data privacy and security. He explained that GOQii integrates with EMR systems, hospitals, and insurance systems with user consent to access health data. Data privacy remains a top priority, with only anonymized data shared with relevant parties. This data is used to generate a “GOQii age” to determine health status within the system, which is then linked to insurance underwriting models.

Celebrity Endorsements: Akshay Kumar as Brand Ambassador

Gondal highlighted the collaboration with renowned superstar Akshay Kumar, a strong advocate for fitness and preventive healthcare, as a brand ambassador for GOQii. Users are affectionately referred to as “players” or “Khiladi” (athletes) within the platform, inspired by Kumar’s popular persona.

A Call to Action: Invest in Your Health

Gondal concluded the interview with a call to action, urging everyone to download the GOQii app and begin earning UHT rewards for their health goals. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing health in today’s world and using innovative platforms like GOQii to improve well-being and potentially earn rewards. Watch the whole interview.


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