Stem Cell Differentiation: Creative Biolabs Reorganizes Its Neural Differentiation Services

May 14 17:42 2024
Last month, Creative Biolabs streamlined old resources and infused them with innovations to launch a comprehensive suite of neural differentiation services.

New York, USA – May 14, 2024 – As a global leader in biotechnology services, Creative Biolabs has introduced a fresh array of stem cell neural differentiation services, aligning with the latest advancements in neuroscience and catering to the evolving needs of its clients.

“To understand the status and direction of neuronal differentiation, we introduced neuronal marker technologies to monitor the expression of specific neuronal markers during neural differentiation,” explained an expert from Creative Biolabs’ Neuroscience Research Department.

At Creative Biolabs, various neuronal markers are analyzed to study diverse neuronal functions for investigating neurological disease pathogenesis, such as cholinergic neuron markers CHT1 and CHA, axonal markers KIF5B and DYNC1H1, etc.

Neurological disease ex vivo models are mainly developed from primary neuronal cultures or induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) sourced from patients. “iPSCs are the rising stars in neuroscience research,” the expert added. “And the differentiation methods have also been enhanced by the technological recombination of Creative Biolabs.”

Creative Biolabs achieved mastery in neuronal cell differentiation from iPSCs, offering the capability to generate a diverse array of neuronal cell types from iPSCs, encompassing cortical, dopaminergic, motor, and sensory neurons. “The principle lies in the interaction of activation and inhibition of various developmental signaling pathways, which is crucial for regulating hiPSC neural differentiation.”

At Creative Biolabs, strategies for differentiation of iPSC extend to generating diverse cell types such as hepatocytes, cardiomyocytes, and digestive system cells. “We’ve optimized the differentiation protocols and workflows to cater to the needs of both large-scale and small-scale projects, ensuring the quality of the differentiated cells remains uncompromised.”

Furthermore, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing more advanced, reliable, and customized ex vivo modeling solutions. With Creative Biolabs’ differentiation technologies, clients gain access to a myriad of fully functional neuronal models, encompassing disease models, drug screening models, and neurotoxicity assessment models.

These models serve as valuable tools for investigating a range of neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and more, thereby offering a one-stop platform for exploring disease mechanisms. “In addition to delivering high-quality models, Creative Biolabs extends its services with comprehensive technical support, such as customized experimental design and data analysis.”

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