SEEN: Empowering Global Businesses with WhatsApp Business API Services

May 14 17:54 2024
SEEN is a cutting-edge platform authorized by Meta for the WhatsApp Business API, catering to a diverse range of business owners. The platform offers a host of innovative services designed to enhance and streamline business communication.

A proactive forward-thinking approach to customer interaction sets thriving, successful businesses apart from the rest. To empower business organizations and firms across the globe with the tools required to cater to the needs of their respective customers, SEEN is offering its premier social media API integrations and social media marketing services. 

From seamless contact onboarding and bulk broadcast messaging services to automated chatting features, WhatsApp number verification and beyond, SEEN is helping brands and businesses elevate their customer support efficiency, communications, and customer interactions.

Mohamed Elzarkawy, CEO of SEEN, underscores that the company is on a mission to make reliable communication tools and automations accessible to business owners across all compass points, stating the following:

“At SEEN, our vision is to empower small business owners to communicate with their customers as friends, fostering strong relationships and seamless interactions. We strive to provide innovative solutions that enhance the communication landscape for businesses globally,” Mohamed said. 

One of the main advantages of SEEN is its Meta-approved WhatsApp API integration service. The company has been authorized to provide seamless access to the WhatsApp Business application programming interface, enabling users across the world to leverage this powerful tool for their commercial operations. 

The proprietary SEEN API has been purposefully designed to enable deep integrations with all major systems, unlocking the full potential of SEEN services and features. Beyond WhatsApp, SEEN also offers its comprehensive suite of services tailored for Instagram and X.

Moreover, SEEN incorporates advanced chatbot and AI capabilities, helping businesses boost customer engagement by unlocking automated responses and follow-ups. Harnessing sophisticated machine-learning technologies, the firm is building a sturdy bridge of efficient communication between businesses and their valued customers.

Apart from broadcasting services, SEEN also offers a vast library of message templates to its users, designed to deliver automated responses and optimize customer support productivity. 

To ensure businesses of all sizes can instantly deliver crucial announcements to their customers, SEEN offers comprehensive broadcasting solutions. This way, the company enables its clients to effortlessly send bulk messages while complying with Meta’s guidelines, ensuring seamless communication with target audiences.  

As a firm advocate of transparency, SEEN is committed to helping its users instill trust and authenticity with their customers with WhatsApp Number Verification. 

SEEN has made waves in the global business space and is partnered with numerous high-profile organizations, including HubSpot, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Zapier, and Meta. 

The company strives for excellence and is committed to helping businesses of all sizes harness its innovative services to streamline business communications, achieve higher levels of automation, and achieve steady growth. 

More information about SEEN and its comprehensive suite of services is available on the company’s official website.

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