Finding Solace in Nature: ‘Good Grief!’ Offers a Holistic Path to Healing Through Heartache

May 14 19:54 2024
Finding Solace in Nature: ‘Good Grief!’ Offers a Holistic Path to Healing Through Heartache

In a world that often encourages us to “move on” and “be strong” in the face of heartache, Deborah Edgar offers a compassionate alternative in her new book, “Good Grief! A Holistic & Practical Approach to Healing Through Heartache.” Drawing from her journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration, Deborah provides readers with a roadmap for navigating grief healthily and authentically.

Contrary to popular belief, Deborah argues that it’s not embracing our emotions that may harm us but rather the dismissal of them. In “Good Grief!” she invites readers to embrace the full spectrum of their feelings and experiences, recognizing that healing is not a linear process but a journey of self-discovery and growth.

At the heart of Deborah’s approach is the recognition of the healing power of nature. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Deborah understands firsthand the transformative impact of nature on the healing process. Individuals can find solace, connection, and renewal through engaging with the natural world, whether through hiking, gardening, or simply spending time outdoors.

Good Grief!” offers practical suggestions for incorporating outdoor adventures into the healing journey, providing readers with tangible tools for finding peace and resilience amidst heartache. From reconnecting with the rhythms of life to cultivating mindfulness and presence, Deborah’s book is a beacon of light for those navigating the depths of grief.

In addition to her insights on the healing power of nature, Deborah also draws upon her experience as a certified holistic life coach and independent real estate broker to offer holistic guidance for putting one’s life back together meaningfully and authentically. Through personal anecdotes, practical exercises, and spiritual wisdom, “Good Grief!” provides readers with a comprehensive toolkit for healing and transformation.

Good Grief!: A Holistic & Practical Approach to Healing Through Heartache” is more than just a book—it’s a companion for anyone seeking solace, understanding, and hope in the face of loss. Whether you’re grappling with losing a loved one, a relationship, or a dream, Deborah Edgar’s compassionate wisdom will gently guide you toward healing and wholeness.

About the Author

Having ventured on the road less traveled for decades, Deborah offers insight into what she has learned along her journey of exploring healthy ways to heal heartache. Raised in utter dysfunction, she turned to self-discovery and spirituality at a young age. She offers practical suggestions to help those who are experiencing heartache to put their lives back together in a meaningful and authentic way. Deborah enjoys writing, photography, reading, traveling, being in nature and all water sports. She enjoys quality time with family and friends. Deborah is an independent real estate broker and a certified holistic life coach. She resides in Lancaster, Virginia.

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