DEEP.FINE Participates in VivaTech 2024 to Conquer Overseas Markets with XR Solutions

May 21 18:57 2024
DEEP.FINE Participates in VivaTech 2024: Innovating Digital Spaces with Mobile Technology

DEEP.FINE, an XR spatial computing company, announced on the 20th that it will participate in Europe’s largest startup fair, VivaTech 2024, held in Paris, France, from June 22 to 25. The company aims to expand its presence in the international market.

The platform DEEP.FINE will showcase is the DEEP.FINE Spatial Crafter (DSC). This platform allows non-experts to create their desired digital spaces using just a mobile device.

The platform offers an all-in-one service that enables users to construct digital spaces and generate and distribute information without the need for specialized knowledge or complex processes typically required for digital space creation.

Using the DEEP.FINE Spatial Crafter (DSC), when an initial producer’s work enters a physical space, users can point a mobile device at the space to see the placed digital information. This significantly reduces the time spent on repetitive information delivery and training and is cost-effective.

XR technology, a core technology for digital transformation, is rapidly being adopted across various industries such as equipment manufacturing and museums. In the equipment manufacturing sector, for instance, the visualization of on-site ICT and equipment data can enhance inspection efficiency, while museums can increase business value with immersive content incorporating XR technology. In this trend, DEEP.FINE’s XR solutions, backed by years of research and technical expertise, aim to assist companies in achieving successful digital transformation, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency.

At this exhibition, DEEP.FINE will focus on the exhibition/museum and manufacturing/equipment sectors, demonstrating their solutions using smart tablets and Vision Pro.

Hyunbae Kim, CEO of DEEP.FINE, stated, “Participating in VivaTech is a great opportunity to introduce DEEP.FINE’s XR platform to the international market. During the exhibition, we plan to explore various collaboration opportunities with global companies and establish a foothold for full-scale overseas market entry.”

The DEEP.FINE Spatial Crafter (DSC) is set to officially launch in the second half of this year. There is great anticipation for how DEEP.FINE’s DSC will open new horizons in everyday life and industry during this era of digital transformation.

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