MAIN PAPER S.L: PP631-32 Light Pink Art PaintHigh Density Satin PaintAcrylic Paint 75ml

June 12 13:40 2024

  Short Description:

High Density Art Paint Professional Satin Acrylics Industry Grade Satin Acrylics are designed for artists of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a beginner or an avid painter, these paints offer a satisfying colour mixing experience.

Made from non-toxic materials and craftsmanship, our paints are made with safety in mind and are suitable for children. The excellent consistency ensures that brush or squeegee marks stay true to your artistic vision, enhancing the texture of your work.

Explore the versatility of these paints as they mix effortlessly in layers, allowing creativity to flourish on a variety of surfaces including glass, wood, canvas, stone and more. Each box contains 6 tubes of pigment, each 75ml, providing a convenient and practical solution for your artistic creations.

Discover the joy of creation with paints that combine professional quality with user-friendly functionality. Whether you’re working with intricate details or bold brushstrokes, our high-density art colours will inspire and enhance your artwork. Try them now and experience the satisfaction of bringing your creative vision to life!

  Product Features:

Satin Paint is a high density acrylic paint crafted for professional artists, acrylic lovers, beginners and children, excellent quality outstanding texture can meet your needs.

Our professional grade paints offer excellent lightfastness, great coverage and vibrant colours for a wide range of creative needs. Experience the difference as our pigments are fast drying, allowing for uninterrupted workflow and efficiency in your creative process. Our pigments have an excellent consistency that retains brush and squeegee marks, adding a uniquely personal touch to your work.

Our product has inherent versatility – it blends and layers seamlessly, allowing you to paint on a variety of surfaces including stone, glass, drawing paper and wood panels. We use high quality raw materials and processes, made in a sterile workshop using distilled water, resulting in a superior product. We were also the first company in Spain to produce sealed acrylic paints.

  About Us

Since our establishment in 2006, Main Paper S.L has been a leading force in the wholesale distribution of school stationery, office supplies, and art materials. With a vast portfolio boasting over 5,000 products and four independent brands, we cater to diverse markets worldwide.

Having expanded our footprint to more than 30 countries, we take pride in our status as a Spanish Fortune 500 company. With 100% ownership capital and subsidiaries across several nations, Main Paper S.L operates from extensive office spaces totaling over 5000 square meters.

At Main Paper S.L, quality is paramount. Our products are renowned for their exceptional quality and affordability, ensuring value for our customers. We place equal emphasis on the design and packaging of our products, prioritizing protective measures to ensure they reach consumers in pristine condition.

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