AC Quality Launches Innovative POS Software to Empower Farmers and Local Markets

June 19 11:00 2024
AC Quality introduces POS software empowering farmers with efficient market management and sustainable growth.

AC Quality, founded by visionary entrepreneur Will Chen, introduces an advanced POS software solution designed to empower farmers and farmers markets and facilitate a sustainable food culture through local production.

Will Chen, Founder and CEO of AC Quality

Founded on a profound commitment to enhancing the agricultural sector, AC Quality’s software offers comprehensive tools for small-scale farmers and market operators. The initiative stems from Chen’s drive to provide his family with access to healthy, locally-grown food, propelling him to support other farmers in achieving similar goals.

Empowering Local Farmers with High-Tech Tools

AC Quality’s software suite includes essential features such as inventory management, order and invoice processing, and customer management—seamlessly integrated with POS software for efficient transaction handling. The software also supports subscription-based ordering and vendor management, making it easier for farmers to manage their operations and connect with customers.

“The launch of our POS feature marks a significant step towards realizing our vision of a more sustainable and locally-focused food supply chain,” said Will. “Our tools are designed not just to simplify operations for farmers but also to enhance the overall efficiency of farmers markets.”

Will’s drive to provide his family with access to healthy and locally-grown food propelled him to support farmers.

Key Features and Benefits

• Inventory Management – Streamline product tracking and stock levels to reduce waste and optimize supply.

• Subscription/Recurring Ordering – Facilitate regular purchases, enhancing customer loyalty and predictable revenue streams.

• Vendor Management – Improve relations and dealings with suppliers with structured, efficient tools.

• Integrated POS – Utilize Square API for smooth payment processes, enhancing the customer checkout experience.

Community and Sustainability at the Core

At its heart, AC Quality is about more than just software. The company is committed to building a community around sustainable practices and supporting the resurgence of local food economies. By providing farmers with the tools they need to succeed, AC Quality aims to make a lasting impact on how food is produced and consumed in local settings.

Howard S., owner of Triple Clover Farms has this to say about AC Quality, “We started using AC Quality just over a year ago. It has been amazing for my wife and I. It lets us focus on our ranch. All of our business information is easy to access, right when we need it.”

“We’re not just providing a product; we’re nurturing a movement towards greater sustainability and community in the farming sector,” added Will.

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About AC Quality

AC Quality is a pioneering technology firm focused on developing POS software solutions that support farmers and enhance the efficiency of farmers’ markets across the country. Founded by Will Chen, AC Quality is driven by a passion for sustainable agriculture and empowering local producers.

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