The MUSCLE GROWTH Podcast Untangles the Science of Hypertrophy to Make Muscle Building Accessible for All

June 20 14:06 2024
Cutting through the fitness hype with high-quality, evidence-based content provided by expert guests called “Gains Gurus.”

Millions of fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals sift through mounds of conflicting information online, searching for real results when it comes to building muscle. The MUSCLE GROWTH Podcast by Roscoe Kerby cuts through the confusion to offer listeners a trustworthy resource for expert advice grounded in scientific evidence.

A fitness enthusiast, Roscoe started like millions of others, sifting through information online. He quickly realized that it was getting harder to separate fact from fiction. Discouraged and frustrated, he founded RepsWithRoscoe, a multi-channel resource for science-based fitness. Through this platform, Roscoe offers free materials, including an all-inclusive hypertrophy blueprint, workout plans, diets, and, since November 2023, a podcast featuring Gains Gurus from across the globe.

An extension of his work with RepsWithRoscoe, Roscoe presents a new authentic, light-hearted show centred on science-based fitness. The MUSCLE GROWTH Podcast (TMGP) tackles the science of muscular hypertrophy, a term now widely used across social media, and, for many people, why they started lifting weights. In theory, muscular hypertrophy is easily explained as the physiology of muscle gains, but beyond being the scientific term for building muscle, TMGP reveals what lies beneath its surface meaning.

In each episode, Roscoe speaks to leading fitness and health professionals to address critical questions for listeners looking to build muscle. The podcast stands out for its commitment to debunking muscle-building myths and exploring unique topics like stem cells and their role in muscle building, how training variables like sets, reps, and rest periods impact hypertrophy, how to optimize nutrition for muscle growth, and more.

In between covering exercise techniques, nutrition, supplements, and many other muscle growth and strength-related topics, guests share their personal experiences and insights to inspire listeners on their muscle growth journey. The podcast reminds people to focus on building muscle through resistance training and exercise and to embrace a positive, balanced lifestyle for sustainable results.

Now, 16 episodes in, TMGP has featured many leading authorities in fitness. These include muscle-growth researchers like Dr. Milo Wolf, who specializes in muscle hypertrophy research, especially related to a technique known as “long-length partials,” Dr. Pak, Max Coleman, and Jake Remert. Top-tier coaches include Jared Maynard, whose muscle mass saved his life from a life-threatening disease, Benjamin Yeezus, Morgan Agran, and Leo Kruger. Additionally, sleep expert and biohacker Riley Jarvis has made appearances. The podcast also hosts world-class athletes like Ashleigh Hoeta, New Zealand’s female arm wrestling champion and the world’s strongest female equipped bench presser, and Ginny Maccoll, the world’s oldest Ninja Warrior. Among other industry professionals featured are the founder of PRIMA (Performance and Research Initiative for Masters Athletes) and double-boarded orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Vonda Wright.

With their expertise and ability to translate cutting-edge research from complex fitness and health information into easy-to-understand, actionable strategies, TMPG has gained a growing following from listeners looking to implement evidence-based approaches in their workouts to maximize muscle growth and become Gains Gurus themselves.

But, the podcast is known for more than just its insightful and informative science-backed fitness content; it has become a favourite for listeners seeking a supportive network of passionate fitness enthusiasts. The MUSCLE GROWTH Podcast is becoming a leading force in evidence-based fitness content. “With a focus on scientifically-optimized methods, I aim to guide you on the path to living your best life through fitness and health,” said Roscoe. “TMGP is a platform for every fitness enthusiast to access precise, evidence-based approaches to become bigger, stronger, and better.”

The podcast is available on all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Tune in to learn from fitness professionals and unlock the secrets of maximizing muscle gains. Also, look forward to upcoming TMPG episodes released every second Thursday.

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