GZTECH Secures Nearly 100 Million Yuan in Series B Funding for Industrial Laser R&D

June 20 12:10 2024

Recently, Wuhan Guangzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GZTECH) announced the completion of nearly 100 million yuan in Series B financing. The investment was led by Fortune Capital and Everbright Capital. The funds will be primarily used for production line expansion and new product development.

Founded in 2018, GZTECH is a company specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of advanced industrial lasers. Based on its proprietary technology, the company has launched three main product lines: pure fiber lasers (MOPA, QCW/CW), pure solid-state lasers (nanosecond UV and green light), and fiber-solid hybrid lasers (fiber green light, picosecond, femtosecond). These products are widely used in 3C, lithium battery, photovoltaic, and hard brittle material processing industries.

Compared to traditional material processing methods, laser processing offers advantages such as no consumables, fast processing speed, high precision, and intelligence, making it especially suitable for processing metals, non-metals, and special composite materials in industrial production. With the rapid iteration of the manufacturing industry and the increasing demand for precision, high-power pulsed lasers are playing an increasingly important role in precision manufacturing, widely used in marking, cleaning, micro-welding, cutting, scribing, and drilling processes.

GZTECH founder Huang Zhihua stated that industrial laser technology is developing along the trend of “three supers and one extreme”: ultra-high power, ultra-fast pulse, ultra-low noise, and extreme deep UV. According to Huang Zhihua, focusing on the application of new materials and new processes in emerging manufacturing industries, and deeply exploring the potential of “three supers and one extreme” technology based on the already substantial industrial laser supply chain, is the inevitable path for enhancing laser performance.

In the area of high-power fiber technology, GZTECH has transferred its experience in developing high average power continuous lasers to pulsed fiber lasers, becoming one of the earliest companies in China to mass-produce 500W and 1000W fiber lasers. It is also one of the earliest companies in China to mass-produce 30~40W solid-state UV lasers. In the fiber-solid hybrid laser product line, GZTECH utilizes its fully mastered fiber mode-locking seed source technology and solid-state amplifier technology to continuously expand its picosecond and femtosecond laser product series.

In addition to industrial application lasers, GZTECH is also actively involved in major scientific engineering light source projects that address high-tech bottlenecks. “Our R&D team took a year and a half to develop a 266nm deep UV picosecond frequency-locked light source for the ‘Jingwei’ system of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, achieving detection accuracy surpassing similar systems in the United States,” Huang Zhihua explained. In 2023, GZTECH achieved a revenue target of 200 million yuan, and it is expected to reach 300 to 400 million yuan in 2024.

GZTECH currently has a team of nearly 400 people, including nearly 100 technical R&D personnel. CEO Huang Zhihua holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Tsinghua University and has 15 years of research background in fiber laser technology. CTO Li Chao holds a master’s degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and has over a decade of experience in ultrafast laser technology projects. CMO Zhu Xing has more than ten years of sales experience in the industrial laser industry.

Investor Perspectives

Wu Pan, a business partner at Fortune Capital, stated that Fortune Capital was an early investor in GZTECH, having invested in two rounds. In the past three years, GZTECH has developed rapidly, with a significant expansion of its laser product lines, substantial growth in industry applications, and breakthroughs in international markets, fully validating GZTECH’s leading laser technology capabilities. GZTECH and its team are still very young, and in the future, a global laser brand from China is bound to emerge, and that future belongs to GZTECH!

Mr. Ma Weiguo, Chairman of Everbright Capital, remarked that under the leadership of CEO Mr. Huang and the management team, GZTECH has entered a rapid development stage. GZTECH has made significant progress in business expansion, large-scale production, and standardized management. Currently, high-power MOPA lasers are still dominated by imported brands, and there is a strong demand for domestic alternatives. GZTECH’s high-power MOPA lasers have gained considerable recognition in the industry and have received positive feedback from downstream customers. As a key player in the Chinese laser industry, we look forward to GZTECH’s continued commitment to R&D innovation, expanding downstream applications, and maintaining its industry-leading position.

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