HumanBetter Notion: A New Frontier in Notion Templates

May 09 04:15 2024
HumanBetter Notion: A New Frontier in Notion Templates
Document CEO Alvin Liang debuts psychology, personal development, and entrepreneurship oriented Notion company

Notion enthusiasts and novices alike are in for a treat. Alvin Liang, the CEO of Docugrow, has stepped into the limelight with his latest venture, HumanBetter Notion. HumanBetter Notion is a novel concept that aims to bridge the gap between the highly visual and complex templates available on Notion and the actual needs of end users. The goal? To help people navigate from where they are to where they want to be.

As a dedicated Notion consultant, Alvin was quick to identify a gap in the market. While there were numerous Notion templates available, they were often too complex and aesthetically-focused, which resulted in users not using them consistently. Alvin’s vision for HumanBetter Notion was clear – to design templates that align with human psychology and success principles.

The essence of Notion, according to Alvin, lies in its ability to make information actionable, whether for personal or business use. This understanding forms the cornerstone of HumanBetter Notion’s product range, which includes templates for both personal and business use.

For personal use, templates such as “RunBetter” aid in health and fitness goals, while “LearnBetter” is designed to help you pick up hobbies faster. On the business front, small and medium enterprises stand to benefit from the “ContentBetter” template, which aims to streamline content creation and social media workflows.

With a deep understanding of Notion and a keen insight into the needs of its users, Alvin Liang is poised to redefine how we use Notion to organize our lives and businesses. Find out more at HumanBetter Notion.

About Alvin Liang

Alvin Liang is a preeminent Notion consultant with a focus on helping small to medium businesses scale through the use of systems, technology, and workspaces. His passion for psychology and its application in technology and operations is evident in all his work, including his latest venture, HumanBetter Notion.

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